The Real Estate Advertising Market is Booming But so is your Competition

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Real Estate Advertising
Real Estate Advertising
Real Estate Advertising

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Real Estate Advertising

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Real estate advertising is a very competitive business; you work hard for every dollar. You may have tried it all — going to public events to increase leads, creating beautiful signs, pressing all of your connections, running ads — but nothing seems to provide a breakthrough solution.

How it Works

How is this possible?

Vanity numbers are proven to dramatically increase your real estate advertising sales in part because of consumer psychology.

According to the NAR, “74% of the people completing a real estate transaction do so with the FIRST agent they talk to.” This means that having a 1-800-LISTING number can increase your sales with little effort.

Simply check if your zip code is available, make the purchase, and start using your new real estate advertisingĀ vanity number on all of your branding. We will forward all the calls to your number.

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30% more sales, an easily-remembered real estate advertising number, and a higher chance of getting calls all for as little as $29.95 per month. For a marketing solution that quickly pays for itself, 1-800-LISTING is your go-to resource and partner in the real estate business.

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